GCP(Gem Correspondent Platform) company is based on Blockchain Technology.
GCP is GEM TRADE PLATFORM. down button
Our trade platform has many advantages.

GCP is MasterNode concept oriented Mining Platform.

Profit Distribution System
you earn daily, weekly or monthly rewards on your holding in the network.
You will continuously earn these rewards while
you are invested in the Masternode. down button
Wallet App Features
Mining – Master Node based cloud mining system.
Trading - User Friendly Interface
Shop - Able to shop using GCP.
Auction – Mobile phone based real time auction system is developing.
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· Use of GCP for diamond and gem purchases
· Can be purchased at a consistent price regardless of the value change of GCP
· GCP allows you to earn additional benefits from purchases
· A certain portion of the auction / sales revenue (about 10%) is allocated to the master node
· The ecosystem of the GCP is very simple. The GCP is a coin mined through the master node, which allows real asset exchanges like diamonds. Real assets can be diamonds or gold.
· Although many cohorts aimed at ecosystems in exchange for real assets, the project that eventually kept its promise is very poor.
· Instead of "signing an MOU with a diamond company," the GCP created a shop where diamonds already purchased can be purchased with the GCP.
· This is the fastest and easiest exchange for the real economy that the GCP wants.
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NOW Our GCP will bring you DIAMONDS

You can get DIAMONDS by mining A COIN

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